In Smallgroups a group of 6 to 12 people meet in a cozy atmosphere to talk about their lifes, their beliefs and the bible. They share the joys and worries of their lifes and take care for each other. They learn to grow in faith and life.

Why Smallgroups? 

  • you need people and people need you
  • in Smallgroups we can carry each others worries
  • In Smallgroups we have time to talk about YOUR topics
  • In Smallgroups you can experience church as a family
  • In Smallgroups people know each other very well and can take care for each other

Whoever has experienced such a community does not want to miss it any more.

You are welcome! 

You are invited to have a look at one or another Smallgroup. But be aware that right now all our Smallgroups are in german so you find the list of Smallgroups on our german website (Hauskreise).

Maybe you want to start your own Smallgroup in English? Just get in contact to our Pastor Christian Henniger.